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EGS Systems, Inc, is a company experienced in developing, designing and selling fluid-phase separators and separator internals. Development of their products and designs was started by the company’s president in the early 1960’s and have steadily evolved over that time to the present day, into practical and economical equipment to resolve separation challenges worldwide.

The late 1980’s saw the development of the Inlet Vortex Cluster, foam free system. These internals, developed initially for installation into production separators to combat foam, have to-date been employed in a variety of applications, either singularly or in combination with other internals.

These clusters and combinations have been successfully employed to upgrade existing separators, whether to bring them back into specification or to accept higher service, particularly where flow conditions have altered or increased above the original design.

For new vessels, inclusion of the Inlet Vortex Cluster can often result in a reduction in size over a ’conventional’ design.

The system is designed employing EGS proprietary sizing and analysis software, and has been successfully installed and operated in many hundreds of applications worldwide since its inception.

Typical installations include Test & Production Separators that are susceptible to foam generation or that suffer from poor separation characteristics.

Refinery, Terminal & LNG facilities such as Inlet Separators, Slugcatchers, K.O. Drums, Degassers, Hot HP Separators, Flash & Preflash Drums have benefitted greatly from the technology, particularly in ultra-low surface tension applications where high foam propensity is a serious bottleneck.

The flexibility of the design and selection system permits installation into virtually all configurations of horizontal and vertical vessels, new vessel or retro-fit manway installation. Many of these designs are installed where no hot-work is permitted to the existing pressure vessel.

With the experience and facilities at its disposal, EGS continually evolves its existing products whilst developing new designs or systems.

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