Fresh Water Makers

Ovivo (formally Eimco Caird & Rayner Clark) specialise in Fresh Water Makers or Desalination Systems for the Oil & Gas Industry. They manufacture both Reverse Osmosis and Evaporator units which can be supplied as skid mounted systems complete with UV treatment, chemical injection and filtration to suit the customers requirements. 

Fresh Water Maker packages comply with the latest NIPH (Norwegian Institute for Public Health) requirements. For further details on the Norwegian Regulations for potable water please visit

All packages are designed and manufactured in accordance with NORSOK and operator standards. Ovivo are familiar with manufacturing packages in high quality seawater resistant materials such as titanium grade 2 and 25Cr super duplex to stringent Norwegian standards.

Ovivo can provide impartial advice on the most economical system for each application based upon the availability of waste heat and electrical power.

Reverse Osmosis
Reverse Osmosis is becoming the preferred method for production of potable water offshore in Norway. It presents the most energy efficient solution where waste heat is not available.

Membrane technology advances in the last 10-years has resulted in RO packages becoming more reliable, efficient and smaller. This makes it an excellent solution for offshore applications where size and weight savings are important.

In the reverse osmosis process water is forced under pressure across a membrane, leaving the impurities behind. The permeability of the membrane is so small, that practically all impurities, salt molecules, bacteria and viruses are separated from the water.

Evaporators represent a cost effective means of providing potable water when there is waste heat available. Evaporators simply use waste heat to “evaporate” pure distillate from seawater which is condensed as fresh water. By lowering the pressure in the vessel, evaporation can be achieved at lower temperatures requiring less waste heat energy.

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Typical reverse osmosis schematic

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Typical Evaporator Schematic






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