Ejectors, Eductors, Jet Pumps

Transvac is a known and highly respected name associated with ejector, eductor and jet pump technologies. Transvac develop bespoke ejector solutions using field experience, CFD & CFX tools and inhouse testing facilities. In doing so they are able to optimise ejector performance and guarantee results. Transvac have also manufactured ejectors specifically for subsea applications. Ejectors are particularly well suited for subsea installations as they have no moving parts and require no maintenance.
Benefits of Using Ejectors
Ejectors present many benefits:

  • Compact inline solution.
  • Low weight.
  • Low capital costs.
  • Low operation costs as ejectors can use waste energy.
  • Environmentally friendly - zero emissions.
  • No maintenance requirements.
  • No mechanical moving parts.
  • Field proven reliability.
  • Simple to install and retrofit.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Short pay-back.
  • Can be designed to handles solids, two phase flows and liquid slugs without damage or significant wear.
  • Performance easily modified to suit new process conditions. 

Typical Applications Include:


  • Process plant optimization.
  • Gas compression.
  • Production boosting.
  • LP and dead well start up.
  • Flare gas recovery.
  • Gas recovery on FPSOs / shuttle ships.
  • Waste gas compression.
  • Heat transfer.
  • Sand & solids pumping/transfer.
  • Vacuum degassing (steam).
  • Vacuum drying (steam).
  • Steam pressure boosting.
  • Sulphur pit ventilation.
  • Hazardous gas ventilation. 



For further details contact: info@tech-trade.no. 

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Typical Ejector Solution

Production Boosting & Enhanced Recovery

Flare Gas Recovery

Produced Water & Sand Management



Ekofisk 2/4M
Liquid Jet Pump for Sand Slurry Transfer  25Cr Super Duplex Stainless Steel

Shell Expro - Sean PD platform Gas-Jet Compressor for boosting production of a LP Gas Well using energy from a HP Gas Well


Conoco-Phillips - Ekofisk 2/4J platform Gas-Jet Compressor for boosting production of LP Gas Wells using energy from the existing Mechanical Compressor System

Transvac Patented “Universal” Ejector


Boost production of LP gas Wells using Compressor recycle gas as the motive HP gas.

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