GD Bandlock Closure

Tech-Trade AS represent GD Engineering, delivering GD Bandlock Closures to Norway. The GD Bandlock Closure is renowned for it’s ease of use and it´s the only Quick Open Closure that cannot be opened under pressure. It is the preferred high pressure closure of many petroleum operators in, Norway. Tech Trade can carry out maintenance, refurbishment and training from our workshop in Tananger and In addition, we have site engineers available to provide site maintenance and training offshore. In addition GD Engineering have recently released the Rotalock range of closures which provide a safe low cost quick release closure for low pressure applications (up to 300lb).

Quick Release Closures for :

  • Horizontal & Vertical Pigging Systems
  • Hydrocyclones
  • Filter & Coalescer Vessels

In addition GD Engineering manufacture a range of:

  • Intrusive and Non-intrusive Pig Signallers
  • Cone Lock Pipe Stoppers
  • Foam Pigs and Spheres

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GD Bandlock II Closure

40" 900# Pig Receiver for Europipe Project

Rotalock Closures

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