Pulsation Dampers and Shock Absorbers

Offshore Production Platform

Stainless Steel Accumulator Stainless Steel Accumulators
The original, one piece molded bladder Hydrotrole Limited all stainless accumulator for corrosive environments, splash zone, emergency stand by power for valve actuators and shut in, shut down, systems. Available in flow through pressure wave interception resonance preventor versions.
  PTFE Diaphragm Damper Injection System Dampers
Amines injected for corrosion prevention and other well injection system chemicals attack synthetic rubbers, so we offer stainless and PTFE, FlexFlon (Teflon R) dampers for pressures up to 30.000 PSI, 2.000 Bar used with ultra deep holes.

Mud Pump Dampener
Drawings for PulseGuard Hidryl Dampers
For mud and other pumps; In sizes 20, 20, 5, 2.5, 1, and .5 gallons.

Hidryl, alternates for Hydril mud pump dampers.

The advantage - full diameter opening, you don't struggle to feed the bladder through a small entry. Many synthetic elastomer "rubber" bladders, for stock inventory - off the shelf. These Pulse-Guard products are not in chaos , from multiple re-sales of the company, we have been under the same team for 47 years - (with a few youngster additions.) The Hidryl.com alternates to traditional Hydril accumulators have larger flange face connections, with stainless and other corrosion resistant metal parts in contact withe the pumpage. An ideal construction for sour crude flow containing H2S. Perfect for heavily weighted drilling mud bentonite slurry, the pulsation flexes the bladder and shakes any cake loose, instead of packing it against the wall of the shell. Pipehugger the 25 year proven versatile design from Pulse-Guard Ltd

Hydrotrole Limited,
aka Offshore-Hydro Ltd Now Shockguard, Pulse-Guard, Liquid Dynamics divisions, have served exploration and production oil patch operators since the early '70s. Today we continue with equipment for fracking up to 30 Kpsi / 2000 bar, and on very deep hole injection systems . At the other end of the pressure scale, our range of thermal expansion volume pressure compensators - expansion tanks - and pipe shock water hammer attenuators and alleviators are in service around the globe ensuring crude and water system integrity. Expansion pots, shock stop bottles , and large accumulators Come in 4 basic designs.

The Surge-Guard, liquid in bladder- for corrosive liquids. The Jumbo-Flex , gas bladder range with liquid in the epoxy lined shell. Surge-Guard and Jumboflex - both up to 2000 Liters capacity. The Liqui-bello stainless membrane high and low temperature units up to only 500 liters delta volume, with replaceable bellow capsules. The Float-olator self resetting separator bottles of unlimited volume.

Worth logging - Hydrotrole has one piece moulded bladder bags of 23, 39, and 46 Liters , available in up to 15 Kpsi 1000 bar shells -- no bonds - no glue - no spices - no joints, for reliable use with BOP systems. Emergency power YOU CAN RELY ON - "Less disasters".

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