Tech-Trade AS stock a complete range of high quality valve maintenance products. Our products are preferred by a growing number of operators and valve maintenance companies accustomed with the superior performance in the field. All of our lubricants and sealants are completely environmentally friendly and are supported with Norwegian HMS data sheets.

Commonly Used Sealant and Lubrication Products:

  • Valve Flush - used to free stuck or difficult to operate valves.
  • 700 & 750 - synthetic multipurpose valve sealant/lubricant for oils, light hydrocarbons, water and most liquid processes. Suitable for ball and plug valves. 750 is suitable for use in low temperature environments.
  • 302 - silicone valve sealant/lubricant with moly-disulfide suitable for methanol service.80 - multipurpose valve sealant/lubricant for natural gas, LPG's and aromatics. Suitable for ball and plug valves.
  • PL-1000 - body fill lubricant for API gate valves.


Lubrication Tools, Fittings and Adapters:


  • Lubrication Manual Hand Guns
  • Lubrication Pneumatic/Hydraulic Guns
  • Buttonhead Fittings (single & double check)
  • Vented Cap Buttonhead Fittings
  • Safety Seal Fittings
  • Packing Injectors
  • Emergency Leak Shut-off Fittings
  • Pressure Relieving Tools
  • Adaptors to suit all Existing Valve Nipple Fittings
  • Exotic Materials in Stock
Tech-Trade AS stock a complete range of lubrication fittings in carbon steel, 316 stainless steel, 22Cr duplex stainless steel and Inconel 625 ready for immediate delivery. For more information or to send an enquiry please contact

Enquiries can be forwarded to
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QS-2000A Pneumatic/Hydraulic Lubrication Unit

Sealant and Lubrication Products

Full Range of Lubrication Fittings

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