Cooling Medium Treatment

One of the leading Norwegian operators approached Tech Trade for a solution to clean up their cooling medium fluid. Contamination due to plate heat exchanger leakage and degradation of the cooling medium system after more than 20-years operation had resulted in oil, chemicals and solids contamination which continuously fouled their heat exchangers and equipment. The cost of cleaning the heat exchangers alone was very significant.

As the problem was of a very urgent nature, we proposed a side stream two stage approach:

1. Mobilisation of rental package which had the flexibility of using a full range of filter cartridges, adsorption cartridges and ion exchange cartridges which can be interchanged to provide different results for oil, chemical and solids removal.

2. Preparation of a permanent package full compliant with NORSOK and operator specifications.

The rental package allowed the operator to start resolving the contamination issues immediately. Ion exchange and adsorption cartridges were used to remove chemicals and oil down to more acceptable levels. 5 micron cartridge filters were used to reduce the solids level.

Once the permanent package was completed, the operator exchanged the units to maintain continuous cleaning with minimum downtime. The complete project was completed in less than 6 months project managed by Tech Trade.