Heat Radiation Protection

Heat radiation from flare tips create an issue for manned platforms. This is why flare tips are located 80-150m on a flare boom. The flare boom height is determined by the level of heat radiation and the cost of the flare boom and supporting structural steelwork on the platform is significant.

Closed flare and vent flare solutions do not present the same continuous radiation heat radiation issues. However, there is still a case of emergency flaring which can provide a high level of radiation for a short period of time.

By strategically locating heat radiation shielding in critical areas, it is possible to significantly reduce the flare boom height and its associated costs. Heat radiation shield provides a very cost effective solution to protecting personnel and equipment during any emergency case where flaring is necessary.

Our manufacturer, Locker, has worked closely with Flaresym to the tools for safety and structural engineers to evaluate the benefits of radiation heat shielding to reduce costs of new platforms. Locker manufacture a complete range of tested and certified wind and heat shielding designed to provide low cost installations.