Crude Oil Heaters

It is often necessary to preheat crude oil before it reaches the production separator. Preheating the fluid reduces its viscosity and assists the separation process. Electrical heaters are the first choice where there is insufficient or no waste heat available. Tech Trade work closely with EXHEAT to deliver reliable crude oil heater designs.

Often the crude oil is part of a multiphase flow containing gas, water and solids. We check each design to make sure that the proposed solution takes into consideration these factors.

EXHEAT has delivered several Megawatt Crude Oil Heaters, which are currently operating offshore and demand for more powerful units have led them to engineering solutions which use less space and weight. Todays 4MW heaters manufactured by EXHEAT use the same footprint as 2MW heaters 10 years ago. This indinuity provides significant benefits to operators requiring space effcient solutions offshore.