Piping Special Items

For many of our customers, Tech Trade is the first choice for piping special items including inline strainers. With more than 30 years experience we are able to assist our customers with specification and delivery of the right products.

Timely delivery and documentation are always critical for equipment which is often purchased towards the end of a turnkey project and Tech Trade are very often commended on our capability in meeting these critical deadlines.

Typical Piping Specials in our range include:

1. Inline Strainers – Conical, T-Type, Y-Type & Basket Strainers.
2. Deflagration and Detonation Flame Arrestors (ATEX certified).
3. Injection & Sampling Quills and Special Nozzles.
4. Air Traps, Vacuum Breakers & Liquid Drainers.
5. Ejectors, Eductors and Jet Pumps.
6. Static Mixers and Advanced Mixing Technologies.
7. Cast and Forged Sight Glasses & Flow Glasses.
8. Air Vent Heads.
9. Bird Screens, Drain Boxes, Water Locks and Tundish Elements.
10. Steam Traps.
11. Exhaust Heads.
12. Metal and Rubber Expansion Bellows & Compensators.
13. Seal Pots.
14. Hoses and Hose Couplings.
15. Barred Tees.
16. Sampling Coolers.