Pumping Erosive and Corrosive Fluids

Erosion and corrosion create significant problems for pumps and compressors. High levels of erosion and corrosion result in short operating life and high maintenance/operating costs.

The Transvac patented universal ejector with replaceable ceramic and metal internals is the best solution for transfer of erosive solids. These ejectors are often used for sand transfer and pumping of hazardous, corrosive fluids.

The key benefits of using ejectors are:

1. Field proven technology.
2. Low capital cost, low installation costs.
3. No moving parts, no maintenance requirements – fit and forget.
4. 100% turndown.
5. Small footprint and weight impact.
6. Low upgrade costs.
7. Available in any material and pressure class.
8. Environmentally friendly.
9. Can be used topsides and subsea.