Reducing Filtration Costs Part 2

Tech Trade were approached by a major oil company in Norway. The customer had significant operating problems with high pressure MEG and condensate filtration packages.

Package Issues:

1. Filter cartridges swelled and often collapsed. Collapsed filter cartridges resulted in solids passing through the filter and contaminating downstream equipment.
2. Problems with opening quick release closures due to filter cartridges swelling.
3. High number of filters in each vessel required significant time for change out.
4. Very high frequency of replacing cartridges resulted in very high operation costs.
5. The high quantity of spent elements represented a significant waste issue.

Cost of operation (OPEX) was significant for the customer.

Tech Trade proposed a simple replacement tubesheet with high quality support cores combined high performance filter cartridges. This resulted in marginal improvement and very significant reduction in operating costs:

Customer Observations:

1. The new filter cartridges could operate longer with up to 2.4 times the differential pressure of the the original filter cartridges.
2. The customer noted that the new filter cartridges retained more solids in a way that improved the contaminant holding capacity in each filter element.
3. Robust cores ensured that cartridge filter elements could not collapse preventing solids bypassing the filter.
4. The customer noted that the quick release closures operating problems disappeared.
5. Filter change out times took a fraction of time compared to the original filter cartridge set up.
6. Fewer cartridges and longer operating times resulted in far fewer cartridges being required and much less environmental waste.
7. Operating costs were significantly reduced saving the customer more than Kroner 1 million per year.