Our solutions

Tech Trade work hard to find the best solutions for our customers. We make sure that everything we deliver is engineered to meet customer requirements.


Good teamwork between our customers and manufacturers is essential for success. Tech Trade play a vital role in communication using our experience to help achieve critical Project goals.


Bottlenecks occur when equipment fails to operate to specification or is undersized, resulting in reduced production and reduced revenue. We provide solutions to eliminate bottlenecks in process plants and help our customers optimize production.

Environmental Solutions

Today, it is more important that ever to contribute towards reducing our impact on the environment. We have technologies, which offer:
  • Reduction of CO2 and NOx gas emissions to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Reduction in the use of of hazardous chemicals
  • Reduction in waste
  • Non-hazardous discharge to sea
All of this plays a vital role in preserving the world we live in.

Reduction in Space and Weight

We continually assist customers explore ways to reduce space and weight, which comes at a premium offshore. Many of our manufacturers invest in R&D to make equipment smaller and more efficient.

Reduction of Operating Costs - OPEX

We help operators to realise better returns from their assets by reducing operating and maintenance costs.